How To Use A Treadmill Safely

Working out on a treadmill looks simple and easy. But, there are some specific instructions that you need to follow to ensure a safe, injury-free and stress-free productive workout. If you tend to work out without any care you might pull a muscle or strain your nerves.

So, here are a few crucial instructions on how to use a treadmill safely:

Don’t go bare food: It is crucial to use shoes while using the machine. Working out on a barefoot is very dangerous it can cause Burns, scrapes, or blisters on your feet. There is also a danger of your feet getting caught in the moving belt meets and you might end slicing your feet.

It is hygienic to use shoes because there can be germs and fungus that might spread due to barefoot. And finally, make sure you have the right sized shoes which ensure confident and safe workout.

Start by straddling the deck: Don’t ever start the machine with your feet on the belt. Always start by keeping your feet on the deck. Most of the machines start at a low pace but in case it is set at a higher pace you might fall and trip yourself. Even if you want to start by running you should gradually increase the speed.


Don’t always rely on handrails: While walking it is fine to use the handrails for some time to adjust the balance and movement but using it for a longer period of time is harmful, it basically strains your shoulders and elbows. Using handrails might also make you lose the balance and you might end up with leg injuries. And also moving the hands freely will result in burning more calories, By using a quality treadmill you can always have a safe workout for that you can buy the best treadmills under 1000$.

Always look forward: Generally, people tend to watch their feet while working out, this is not safe you might lose your balance and fall off. Always looking at the ground causes dizziness. So keep in min: Looking forward is the way to go.

Don’t increase both speed and incline: Increasing both speed and incline will basically make you slip and fall. You have to first increase one of them, get used to it and then increase the incline. It is too dangerous to increase both of them while running.

Don’t step off a moving treadmill: You should switch off the treadmill even if you are taking a break or so. It is unsafe to leave it running and stepping off suddenly isn’t a safe game.

Don’t be too hard: Don’t ever push yourself too much. While it might look vigorous and productive, it is not. You should make sure that your heart rate doesn’t exceed 80%. If it exceeds the limit it might cause a heart attack or stroke.

Keep children away: It is extremely crucial to workout in a room where there are no children around. So many critical injuries occur every year due to treadmills and workout equipment. Keep them away.

Following the above instructions properly will ensure a safe, stress-free, injury-free and productive workout. Cheers!



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